Your next step might be your first.

Blend In

On the way home from work last night the Civic had a flat tire. Fortunately, this happened while I was … More

La dolce vita

Last weekend, we were lounging in the living room and I saw an older man walk towards our door and … More

everybody’s talking at me

And I can hear every word they’re saying.  Lots of chatter in the cubicle farm this morning.  People, please.  Trying … More

giants in seven

Yes, it will have to go the full seven.  That’s just how they play the game.  And don’t think that … More

let the fire fall

Resident Expert noticed in the paper the other day that Bill Lane is dead.  Years after he had sold Lane … More

first things first

I believe that people should have their breakfasts before arriving at their desks, not shortly thereafter.

filing a grievance

Along with the munching in my work environment, today I’ve had to contend with a long (now going on 20 … More