The Hunter’s Moon

Here it is, rising over the neighbor’s house. Our patio lights look a lot brighter in this picture than in … More

Shine on

The Harvest Moon, as seen from the street in front of the house. My big plan was to drive up … More

what a way to go

The local news tells us that our city’s police chief has resigned.  He mailed in his resignation, effective immediately, five … More

cleaning up the town

The local youths appear to have some extra time on their hands this summer, and have taken it upon themselves … More

down to the waterline

See that huge gigantic bird going from right to left? I see it too. Thing is huge. This is where … More

the gate

Out to dinner tonight at Milagro’s we were seated next to a couple of loud talkers, and so I feel … More

this must be the place

After traveling around the state last week, I would say that we’ve settled down in the right location.  The crickets … More

coming through

The Hetch Hetchy pipeline replacement project is underway, and making its way through the neighborhood. I took a few pictures.

have a great weekend

That’s what I intend to do, and I encourage you to do the same.  On the agenda this weekend: a … More