Some time back, I recounted my adventure with a mockingbird that flew into our kitchen fan’s exhaust vent. At the time, the story ended with an account of my attempt to free the bird from the duct work in the attic, and our eventual discovery of the egg it had been seeking. Kind of a sad tale, so you’re probably wondering why I’m bringing it up again.

I was moving some stuff around in the garage, and found the expired mockingbird inside a roll of Marmoleum flooring material. Apparently he or she (who knows?) did make it out of the ductwork and attic space and into the garage, but wasn’t able to make it back out through the open garage door to freedom. Maybe it was exhausted or injured from its time bashing around inside the attic. In any case, it decided to hide away in this roll of Marmoleum as a safe place in which to drift away.

I read about this recently, where someone was talking about how you hardly ever see dead animals in an urban environment (other than on roadways), even though there are many living among us. If they’re sick or injured, they’ll find a secret place to hide away for their remaining time. We have much to learn from beasts.

Here’s our friend, after I found her (or him) in the garage.

Still looking pretty good, wouldn’t you say? I happened to be working on a little pathway in our back garden when all this happened, and the mockingbird now rests beneath one of the paving stones.

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