A few words of wisdom, acquired recently. First, we have Mister Dan Arnold from his excellent “Salt to Summit“. He says all kinds of good stuff in this book, but a couple of things stood out towards the end (I just finished it). He’s just about to reach the summit referred to in the book’s title, following a fairly grueling ordeal to get there. But he finds a spot that looks like a good place to bivouac and says “I had food and a book and knew how to put the lid on impatience”. Most people would feel compelled to push on to the summit. He’s a mellow cat.

He also talks about finding some new place to live and says he’s looking for a place where the “population is lower than the elevation”. You need some kind of yardstick when making this type of decision, and his reasoning seems sound to me.

One more, not from Mr. Arnold, but from a sign outside a liquor store on the drive home, on the main drag in Merced.

“Remember, it’s I before E, except in Budweiser.”

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