In fact I know I was dreaming, because I kept waking up from it and thinking “I can’t believe I’m still dreaming this”. For whatever reason, my dream world insisted that I keep revisiting to work through the narrative to its illogical conclusion. This one involved seeing a photograph of Mitt Romney visiting our street on the front page of the Chronicle.  I then tried to find a video of this visit on various news casts, but encountered typical dreamscape frustrations.  I attempted to view the video on my phone, but the image was very dark and there was a slow-talking voiceover saying, “This video is the property of Comcast, and will be deleted in five minutes” – this added to my dream anxiety level; I wanted to see what our street looked like on the TV.  And how did Comcast get involved? No idea. Along with this search for the video, there was a storytelling acoustic guitar guy singing a folk song about Mitt Romney, describing his adventures traveling around the country with Mitt.  The guitar part was actually pretty good, but the lyrics (don’t recall them in any detail) came across as contrived.  He kept referring to Romney as “Jim Mitt Romney”, I suppose thinking that adding the “Jim” would make him seem more like a regular guy. Time expired on the dream sequence, and I didn’t get to see the video of Mitt on our street after all.  There was a little bit of the newscasters talking after the video, saying how much they liked our street, with the birds singing and the nice trees. That reminds me; the dreamscape Chronicle also showed a picture of this horrible dead tree that’s in our neighbor’s yard, with the caption “Spring is just around the corner”.

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