we begin again

The day started with a drive down the coast, and a stop at the Davenport Roadhouse for brunch. We usually hit the Whale City Bakery, but tried the Roadhouse instead. It could have been better; the food arrived on the cool side, and we didn’t get coffee refills from our gal. The food’s good though, so we’ll probably try it another time before condemning it. Then we made our way to Butano State Park, a place we’d tried and failed to find once before.  It is somewhat out of the way, but some more prominent road signs might be needed. On the other hand, then it would be crowded, because it’s a very nice park. There’s a very pleasant walk-in campsite area – we may give that a try once the park is fully operational. They have the campgrounds closed until April due to California’s budget crunch. I’m sure that closing the campground will put our finances back on track. We have our sights set on site 25.

It’s a good-sized area, set back from the other walk-ins. Your tent, picnic table and campfire ring space is surrounded by a handsome group of redwoods.

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