March is going out like a warm and sunny lamb.  Nice to be able to step outside without the rain gear; enough is enough.  The neighborhood went Artesian a couple of weeks ago, and little seasonal creeks and ponds are showing up in unexpected places, like driveways.  And it’s not just the water that’s now being expelled from below – waterlogged bugs and animals are looking for higher ground.  There was a story today about a 2-foot gopher snake that showed up in the restroom at Fresh Choice down by the train station.  This building is sitting on top of what used to be the banks of Arroyo Ojo de Agua, a little creek that runs from the Redwood City hills and connects to Redwood Creek  just east of downtown.  The creek is all cement-lined and underground in this area, but it still channels a lot of runoff down to the bay.  Some of the animals might not have gotten the word about the urbanization of their habitat, and still maintain their cozy underground dens in this area.  I think maybe the rising groundwater level motivated this guy to find a drier location.  The news article mentioned that the humane society gave the snake a “clean bill of health”, which is another one of those old nautical phrases.  They used to give ships in port this document when they were evaluated as disease-free.

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