We have been trail running on the Skyline Trail many times, but today was the first time we’d encountered snow up there.  I’m sure they get more than this on occasion up on Kings Mountain, but it was fun to see it coming down.  The trail was very muddy, actually underwater, in a few places near mile 2, but otherwise not bad.  Here’s that horse ranch near Kings Mountain Rd. at the trail head.

Horses were inside, I guess.  As you can see, there’s not a ton of snow here, but still.  It looks so different with the snow. The trail climbs a bit, and around mile 2 you start to see more snow sticking on the ground.  Like this.

It would find a way through the tree canopy in places, and you’d get these little islands of white.  Here’s another place on the trail where the snow is getting through.

The lens must have gotten a little fogged up here.  There was another neat place where the snow was lightly drifting down through a relatively open stand of redwoods.  You’ll just have to imagine what that was like, because I didn’t take a picture.  It wouldn’t have done justice to the scene anyway.  Here you get a better idea of the snow accumulation out in the open areas.

Not too bad, considering this was the middle of the afternoon and just barely 2000 ft. elevation.  This was right around the 3 mile mark, and the snow was definitely deeper here.  I guess the trail climbs more than I thought it did.  Good to know!  I turned around here, so that the search and rescue teams could locate me more easily.

And finally, here’s that little creek that runs along Kings Mountain Road.  It was out of control today.

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