Yesterday afternoon I saw a pre-SOTU article indicating that the President would describe our current state of global competitiveness as “our generation’s Sputnik moment”.  Now, if you’ve been around as long as the Mellowcat, you’d already know all about Sputnik, and how much fun it is to use that name in a sentence.  And if I’m not mistaken, Mellowcat’s generation has already had its Sputnik moment, so we’re off the hook on this one.  But many of you in the Mellowcat community might not have heard about it, and would go straight to Google to gather information.  So what I did was this: looked up “sputnik” on Google before the speech, and checked it again this morning.  Before the speech there were 3,930,000 results found, and after the speech Google finds 4,450,000 results.  I’m fairly confident that the first page of the search results would have the best information.

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