Where should I begin… oh, right.  January!  That’s when Mellowcat went on Stormwatch.  We didn’t have any big storms to talk about in February, but we did complain about co-workers munching at their desks, and other trivia.  In March, we said farewell to Orchard Supply Hardware (it’s still there, but we no longer go there) and its resident kitty, and made reference to our kitchen remodel decision making process.  The next month, Mellowcat came down with a running injury, predicted the BP disaster, and commented on various things.  After that, we geared up for the Mountain Warfare Training Challenge, and welcomed the inaugural Bacon Wednesday.  In June, we freaked out about Deepwater Horizon, planted sunflower seeds, and gave our contractor the green light for the remodel start date.  More BP freak-outs in July, along with early planning and gear assembly for the backpacking trip.  Which was great.  In September the kitchen remodel got underway in earnest, and that was fully chronicled on Mellowcat’s LT1K site.  Mellowcat fully enjoyed the month of October, which included the Bridge Concert, Hardly Strictly Bluegrass, the San Francisco Giant’s championship season, and the completion of our kitchen remodel.  November was much less eventful.  Except for when I fell down while running and hurt my ribs, which are still bothering me.  As the year wrapped up we discovered that there are things to do on the weekend other than plan for or execute a remodel project.  Nice.

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