Mellowcat observed the Winter Solstice with an early morning neighborhood run – and I mean early!  Five thirty.  What’s gotten into the Mellowcat, you’re probably asking.  This doesn’t sound like the Mellowcat that I know.  Well, you’re right.  This is uncharacteristic behavior.  But it’s all part of My New Plan, which includes early morning running on Tuesday and Thursday so that I can make dinner on those nights.  Resident Expert transforms into a gym rat on those evenings, and if I went running after work we wouldn’t be having dinner until right about bedtime.  Was actually not bad conditions for running this morning; probably in the high 40’s, but no wind and the post-eclipse full moon provided good visibility.   And there’s no cars.  Redwood City is just beginning to stir at that hour.  I was expecting to see many prowling cats and lumbering raccoons, but I guess I even had the jump on those guys.  We’ll see if I can execute the plan once more on Thursday.  Now that the blog knows about this, I suppose I’m kind of obligated.

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