Last Sunday was fun.  We had a little adventure.  Here’s the Resident Expert putting the hiking shoes on at the front door:

We stopped at the Pigeon Point lighthouse on the way down the coast.  They have it all fenced off now, because it’s kind of falling apart.  There’s a massive Fresnel lens up there still; hate to see that topple over.  There’s a ‘temporary’ metal brace around the top, basically holding it together; it was added in 2001!  I just found out that Pigeon Point was named for a ship called The Carrier Pigeon that wrecked there in 1853.  They were sailing in the fog and the captain thought they were way off shore, and had them head in to the coast.  They ran aground just off shore, and everybody survived.  But other boats that came to help in the rescue and salvage were also nearly wrecked.  This was all before the lighthouse, obviously.

We stopped at Davenport Bakery for coffee and muffins.  The outdoor seating is right by Highway 1, so it can be noisy, but there’s a good view of the ocean and many inquisitive crumb-scavenging birds.  Fortified, we turned north and stopped for a walk at Waddell Creek entry to Big Basin.  We scouted out some of the trail camps for next year’s backpacking trips.

There were some windsurfers and windsailors out on the water.  Very impressive.  And a good-natured poodle dog.  You can barely make out Año Nuevo Island on the horizon, where the poodle is gazing out to sea.

Like I said, it was a nice day.

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