good call

If you were reading a transcript of the radio broadcast of game one, Duane Kuiper’s call of Uribe’s 3-run shot would be; “line drive, left field, out of here.”  If you were listening to the game, you would have heard “rara… RARA…. ADAHAA”.  Basically a primal scream.

Update: they have an audio of the call on the Giant’s site.  I didn’t know they had all these highlights here.  They have the calls by TV guys, our good announcers and I guess the other team’s announcer or ESPN radio guy.


  1. Thanks for pointing to the Call on that one. Kuip was rockin’ this tiny hotel room in Lisbon. Iiitiiiisssaahdaheeere! Go Giants.

    1. It will be amazing if he has a voice left after the Series. Last night I had to stop at the neighborhood Kinkos after work, and it seemed like the only place without the Giants in evidence. I felt bad for the young guys working there. But then I heard Kuip coming from a radio below the counter.

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