The cabins at The Redwoods in Yosemite have guest books, and it’s fun to read people’s comments.  Lots of “love the cabin”, and “hate to leave”, and there’s always one person complaining about the TV reception or something.  Then the person after that says “what’s with that guy?” to reset the guest book to a friendly tone.  This time I noticed the wide variety of handwriting styles.  They were like regional accents; you might make some presumptions about the person based on their handwriting.  I still have an all-caps print style, which nowadays might be interpreted as “yelling”, but at one time I thought it looked architectural.  At some point they’ll go to some form of digital guest book, which will tie in with a mapping service like Google so that we can see if the cabin visitors tend to come from certain areas.  And that will be interesting, but useless, information.  And our opportunity to imagine who these people are based on their handwriting will vanish.

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