figured that one out

You’re no doubt noticing that videos are starting to appear on the Mellowcat.  We have acquired a Flip UltraHD camera for the upcoming Yosemite backpacking trip, and I’ve been testing it out.  It’s supposed to capture HD (720p) quality video, but when uploading these to youtube they weren’t available in high definition.  What gives?  I was using Windows Movie Maker to piece together the video clips and add titles, and I didn’t know that you had to set up a profile for 720p before publishing the video.  Now I know that.  I’ve republished the Skyline Trail video using this profile, and you’ll have to let me know if you see a difference.  You can switch between standard and HD quality via the player’s settings menu in the toolbar.  But you knew that already.


  1. big difference!!!! much better quality. Hope you guys have a great trip and all the gear performs well. I personally did not have any idea Sheila could carry all that stuff and I am impressed. Perhaps next sisters weekend we can take advantage of this somehow.

    1. She’s a natural backpacker, as it turns out. Who could have predicted this? And how can we use it to our advantage?

    1. It’s been fun learning how to use all the new gear. I like my backpack a lot, now that I’ve figured out all the ways to adjust it.

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