I’m trying to find useful distractions these days, due to my ever-increasing anxiety about Deepwater Horizon.  These have come in handy:

Almonds. I was already a big fan of almonds, but recently I’ve tried roasting them at home – the first attempt came out OK, and in the second attempt they were a little bit burned.  My responsibilities in the kitchen are limited to the dish-dog role, so it has been fun to take part in this very elemental cooking activity.  Basically just applying heat to the almonds – but they were transformed!  A little too much, the second time.

Angry Birds! This iPhone game is so much fun.  I hope that in some way it’s helping me build a useful skill, given the time I’ve devoted to it.

Pandora. This has very quickly become an essential resource.  Like Google, it’s hard to imagine getting along without it.  Our music world has been greatly expanded.

Shakespeare. He’s real good.  Whoever he was.

I may need some additional distractions until they seal the well, so if you have any suggestions feel free to send them along.

2 thoughts on “ a few of my favorite things ”

  1. almonds are good , I’m a big fan of roasted walnuts. I eat them everyday and I think they have helped with my cholesterol readings. I have yet to find much that helps with anxiety, though

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