The Mountain Warfare team is down to the last man, or last Mellowcat, in this case.   Our elder statesman, Clock Radio, was out of it fairly early due to a running injury.  Now The Letter goes down, as a result of Icelandic Ash Cloud Proximity Syndrome.  So that leaves the em-cat.  No wing men, nobody to say ‘godspeed’ at the start of the hill climb, or spin the numbers after the results are posted.  And this year’s results could require some serious spinning in order to find a decent takeaway.  (Alright! In the top 40% of males between 50 and 54 with last name including the string “hb”.)  There’s another factor to consider; the forecast for Saturday currently says 45 degrees and a chance of snow.   Should Mellowcat proceed as planned? Could get interesting.

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