Mellowcat’s opinion of the proposed High Speed Rail connection between our Bay Area and their Southland is undergoing a shift.  The emCat would generally align ourselves with the rail-enthusiast community, but in this case our early enthusiasm has waned.  The proposed plan is very expensive, and addresses just one problem; providing an alternate way to cover this long distance at high speed.  What if the $45 billion (likely lots more) they plan to spend on this was distributed to local transit authorities around the state for light rail, multi-modal transit hubs, enhancing bike and pedestrian thoroughfares, car-sharing, and all the other things people are struggling to get done?  I could envision (using no research to back this up) widespread use of electric-powered streetcars running the length of El Camino Real, for example.  And Joe Biden is a big fan of High Speed Rail, so, I ask you: how could it possibly be a good idea?

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