This morning I made a run over to Orchard Supply to get a couple of things, and my first stop was their garden area where I hoped to visit with Ivy, the resident cat.  They had all these people wheeling in racks of dumb bedding plants (who buys these?) and I didn’t expect to see Ivy wandering freely, so I went back to where she (think it’s a she) has her little house – it was gone!  It seems that Ivy no longer lives there.  And the regular lady who manages the garden area wasn’t there either.   As I walked through the store to look for things I noticed that all the regulars were gone.  The roundish guy in plumbing with the thick-lensed glasses who drives a blue VW Jetta wagon: gone.  The man in electrical who answered questions as if he were enduring many hours of intense interrogation – no longer there.  And the mainstay in the tool corral, the huge guy who had to lean on a shopping cart as he assisted customers, also not present.  These people had been there forever!   It seems that there has been a change in management.  Since the remodeled Costco opened next door, they must be getting more business, and with that comes attention from the OSH district manager.  They had probably left the Redwood City OSH to run under its own steam without interference for quite a while, but we’re in a new world now.  But what about my needs?  I only went there because it usually wasn’t busy, and they had a cat.

I’m going to miss old Ivy.  She was one of the cats that I track in orbit around me, and her absence is keenly felt.

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