The opponents of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act of 2010 had latched onto a couple of curious expressions in the last few weeks.  Many R’s and the political media were referring to the President’s one-day summit as “kabuki theater”.  And the vote last Sunday was described by the R’s and their media agents as Obama’s “Waterloo”.  I could see that they might use “kabuki” merely because it’s fun to say “kabuki”, but maybe they used it because it sounds “foreign”.  There really wasn’t much about the summit that would make you think of kabuki theater, other than the scary kumadori makeup that John Boehner wears.  And the “Waterloo” reference caught on quickly, intending to imply that Obama (Napolean) would be defeated.  But would we expect that most Americans know about the Battle of Waterloo?  No, we don’t expect that.  It is also fun to say “waterloo”, so that may explain the frequent reference.  In any case, let Mellowcat be the first to say that the passage of the Affordable Care Act will be John Boehner’s Elba.

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