We visited our local appliance store, where they have a guy who is very friendly and informative, and have decided to go with the Fisher & Paykel refrigerator, in stainless steel instead of white. And it looks like we’ll go with a freestanding Kitchenaid range – take a look and see what you think.

This fridge would normally extend about 2 inches beyond counter depth, but we’re going to talk to our guy and see if he can frame a shallow inset into the wall behind it, so that it can be set flush with the counters and cabinets.

Resident Expert likes this KitchenAid range.  It doesn’t have any controls on the back, so you wouldn’t have to reach over the burners and catch on fire.  Mellowcat would be interested in first-hand KitchenAid reports from the Readership Community.

Update: After a bit of web research, we’re less confident in that KitchenAid range choice. Might go with a Bosch range instead. Chowhound has good things to say about the Bosch.

One thought on “ moving forward ”

  1. We have a variant of the KitchenAid range (not free-standing) and like it just fine. It wasn’t installed correctly so at first gave us some trouble, but after a service call to properly connect it all has been well.

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