It has been suggested that we make note of our kitchen project design consultations which started earlier this year, so we’ll have a few retro-posts showing up.  Here’s one about the first guy who came by to give us an estimate, in early January.  He brought some photos of some of his other projects, and they were pretty nice – too nice for us, I thought.  This fellow was an older-than-me gent, and has been at this for a while.  That can break two ways; he could know the current trends and have good local supplier and trades contacts, or he could be coasting along on the previous decade’s non-stop current of renovations, and not be as keen to take on our modest project.  He took some notes, listened to what we had in mind, and, rather abruptly it seemed, said “OK, I have what I need – I’ll get back to you with a proposal – it might be a week or so, at least!”.  It was a little more than a week. More like a month.  This was not a good first impression.  When his proposal finally arrived, we were staggered by his cost estimate.  He apparently had built this estimate using current prices for what things actually cost, rather than my assumptions which were based on 1975 dollars.  We took a few days to look this over, and talk about how his estimate must be wildly off base for some reason.  But over time, we’ve seen that it was quite reasonable, and if he hadn’t taken forever to put it together he might still be in the running for this project.

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