1/19 5:30 am – Thunder is rumbling in the area, moderate to heavy rain is falling and the wind is picking up. Kitty has hopped up on the bed, and is purring loudly.

1/19 6:00 am – Man, is it dark out. We should just stay in bed, right Kitty?

1/19 7:30 am – Power is out at Jefferson/Alameda; there’s a big tree down. Looks like all of Emerald Hills is without power.

1/19 7:45 am – Standing water on 280 south near Los Altos Hills. A Ford Focus is up on the center media, with two sheriff vehicles helping out. Slow down, everybody!

1/19 11:00 am – Siblings reporting in from around the Bay; Mill Valley just had a powerful thunderstorm with hail, followed by sunshine. Currently quiet conditions in Palo Alto. Santa Clara weather is overcast and boring. The NWS forecast discussion highlights thunderstorms for the afternoon as the low crosses our area.

1/19 11:15 am – Here’s a webcam image from Emerald Hills in Redwood City. The image should update periodically:

1/19 noon – My cubicle neighbor says “rainbow.” Let’s look out the window. Yes, there it is.

1/19 2 pm – Pretty quiet now, but the radar shows a line of storms coming in. Some of the cloud tops are fairly high, which would indicate embedded t-storms. If this line holds together, they’ll be over the peninsula in about an hour.

1/19 4 pm – This line of storms delivered thunder and lightning, downpours and hail (“cool” hail reported in Mill Valley).  There’s still a bit more of this moving in from the ocean.   The afternoon forecast discussion suggests that tomorrow will be just like today, only more so.

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