in yoga class this week, Brick suggested we think about thankfulness – here’s what came to mind: the first rain of winter, peanut butter and jelly, the tonight show starring johnny carson, three day weekends, four day weekends, twin membership, the cat sleeping by the fire, chilnualna falls trail, quiet, zinfandel, humboldt county, thunder, obama, interesting facts, ongoing projects, getting myself some coffee, the lord of the rings, being on the same page, dreams starring mom and dad, running uphill, running downhill, figuring something out on my own, the luck of the irish, my close personal friend, early morning, new leaves, shop cats, highway one, friday night fish fry, a cool breeze, second cup of coffee, reported mountain lion sightings, hardly any traffic, mild earthquakes, new restaurants downtown, yoga class. among other things.

One thought on “ hey, thanks. ”

  1. Speaking of thanks, I was going to post a thank you to whoever gave me 3 pairs of wool socks. I’ve had them for years but never wore them til this year. Wool is fab! After reading Endurance I was left feeling wool was very poor at keeping feet warm. Boise winters\ Antarctic, ok, maybe not the same. But I’m lovin’ my warm feet.

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