Along with the munching in my work environment, today I’ve had to contend with a long (now going on 20 minutes) non-work-related conversation between two workers that everybody can hear.  OK.  One of the guys just left.  Must be another water cooler in the building that needs to be leaned on.  They were going on and on about a current events topic, of which neither exhibited a particularly high level of expertise.

Also today: an office guy made a joke about the military that most, if not all, people would find objectionable.  On Veteran’s Day, of all days.  Let me out of here.

2 thoughts on “ filing a grievance ”

  1. I enjoy your “working life” observations. Sometimes I think I miss it; just a little bit. But your posts bring it back vividly and that squishy sentiment is snuffed out. Good Job!

    1. This morning I had a cookie with my coffee, and this afternoon I saw someone walk into a tree by mistake. It was a good day.

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