Mellowcat and friends didn’t get around to refinishing our deck during our recent vacation, so I called a local company to do this before it starts raining again.  We’ve refinished the deck twice already; the first time we removed the former owners’ gray opaque stain and restained it with a transparent, tinted color that we thought would look nice.  Because we don’t know anything, we ended up with an orange deck.  It’s yellow cedar, and the “cedar” stain made it even more cedary than we imagined.  Eventually the rain and sun helped us tone down the orange, but at the same time it removed the protection that the stain provided.  So we stained it again about 3 years ago.  That’s also been worn off now, and the wood had turned all gray, with nails popping up here and there, and some wood damage in high-traffic areas.  Needs work, as they say.

So I called the local guy we’d found out about through something they’d sent us in the mail. The yelp reviews were quite positive.  He responded with a good price, and said they could start the next day.  Fine.  So when we got home from work, we saw that the deck had been cleaned and prepped for staining.  The thing that’s kind of odd about this process is that I’d only spoken to this guy on the phone, and didn’t have to give him a deposit or anything like that.  So I guess I could have asked him to refinish our neighbor’s deck as well, and he would have done so.  You’d think there would at least be some double-checking first to make sure he had the correct address.  They’re supposed to come back today or tomorrow to finish the work.  Or maybe I’m imagining the whole thing.

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