On a neighborhood stroll, we ventured into an open house on a street just above us on the hill.  The view from their backyard was outstanding, and that’s a real plus because if you lived there you would want to avert your gaze from the house itself.  It looks OK from the street at first glance, but then the weirdness starts accumulating.  This is not a level lot, and you enter a narrow brick entry through a chain link fence.  Big tall screening trees abound.  The landscaping looks like it was once enthusiastically maintained, but not recently.  And there’s a drinking fountain.  They’re starting to bring the weird.  Enter through the front, and you glimpse some of those dynamite views out the back of the house.  But wait; the garage is accessed from the living room, only it’s not a garage anymore, it’s a laundry room.  You can relax in the living room and see (and hear) the Maytags.  There’s a Fender Stratocaster leaning in the corner of the laundry room.  What gives?  Let’s move on.   The bedrooms have been thoughtfully relieved of their closet doors.  Unusual religious artifacts adhere to the upper corners of most of the rooms.  Can’t remember what was going on in the kitchen, but it probably was not good.  There’s a deck off the back of the house, and all Redwood City is before you.  Nice.  The stairs down to the backyard are quite sturdy.  Below the main house there’s a warren of little rooms.  The ceiling is low, but you can walk normal.  First, there’s a workshop with some pretty old power tools.  Then a little office with some old Microsoft Office books and a bunch of DVD’s about ancient Rome.  Step past the office, and we have a store room with loads of outdoor gear; backpacks, snowshoes, skis, a couple of canoes.  Lots of home-made storage containers labeled meticulously; “lantern supplies”, “Ken’s box”, and so on.  Exit the basement area, and start exploring the backyard.  It’s a deep lot; almost 10K sq. ft.  Like the basement, the backyard is divided into many small outdoor “rooms”.  Here’s one with some weightlifting equipment.  And this next one has a sink, like one you’d use for cleaning fish.  Over here we have a small, stand alone restroom.  Weird, like I said.  There’s a small vegetable garden.  A recent-vintage shed.  Then, with about a 20 feet left to go before we get to the back of the property, it’s all dirt and leaves, with a tetherball post in the center.  Plus one more tiny little space – that appears to be carved out of the back of the neighbors lot – for more storage.  There were some oars in there.  Did I mention the views were excellent?

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