If you’re driving a Prius, then you probably are the kind of person who pays attention to fuel economy.  So you’re aware that driving at or a little below the posted speed limit on the freeway will improve your mpg.  And if you’re driving a Prius, it maybe doesn’t go all that fast anyway.  Bottom line; you’re likely driving a bit slower than everybody else.  And when there’s a bit of traffic, your speed is going to impact everybody else – I’ll at least slow down before passing you, but if I’m following you and will be exiting within a mile or so I’ll just cruise along the appropriate number of Prius-lengths behind you.  So the Prius driver’s fuel-saving go-slow approach transfers to me as well.  Now, if we can just get a few more highway patrol cars to weave through traffic, we’ll really start improving the mpg for the commuter fleet.

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