The laundry room project is mostly done, except for a few cosmetic repairs.  Our friendly handyman moved the water lines around so that we could install a sink, and once that was done we quickly acquired a faucet, countertop and sink, and we installed those over the past few days.  The project took over year, starting with the removal of the old water heater, replaced by a tankless system installed on the wall outside.  That happened in September 2008.  Then we purchased a new Bosch stacked laundry in January of 2009.  With that in place, we assembled and installed IKEA cabinets in April.  We stalled for a bit here, as we tried to figure out what kind of countertop and sink and faucet we’d use.  Mr. Handyman had helped us with a different project over the summer, and we asked them to convert the old water heater lines to support the laundry, and add water and drain lines for the new sink.  And we ended up getting the sink and countertop from IKEA, and a good Kohler faucet.  I was able to install those, with a last-minute assist for a missing drain line connection from Mr. Handyman.  We might use the currently popular inch-square glass tiles for a back splash.  Still thinking about that.  We’ve also ordered honeycomb blinds for the windows, and will eventually replace the flickering ceiling light fixture.  And there are a few wood trim pieces that need to go back in around the edges of the project, but it’s essentially complete.

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