I have a few problems with the article about marauding Yosemite bears in today’s Chronicle.  First, I’d already read about this two weeks ago on yosemiteblog, and then someone mentioned it again last week, having read about it in the LA Times.  So this shop-worn story earns front page placement in the paper.  Tell me something I don’t already know, Chronicle.  Next, the writer was trying to be funny or something, but if I were a bear reading the article I would have been offended.  The bears breaking  into minivans were described as “oafs” and “ungainly brutes”.  A bear roaming through its habitat is anything but oafish.  I suppose anybody seen inside a minivan would look like an oaf, but that’s not the bears’ regular transportation.   And then our reporter cautions Yosemite visitors to leave their minivans at home “in the cul-de-sac, where it is safe”.  I sense an anti-suburban value judgment here.  What is your problem, reporter?

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