Dachshund on white backgroundFull disclosure: this is another one of my crazy dreams.  I found an old dachshund standing on our front porch late at night, and then saw a little boy – probably about 7 years old – on the sidewalk, and he told me that he had to get rid of the dog, and he was looking for somebody who would take it.   I picked up the dog and walked them both back to the boy’s house, where he lived with three men and a lady, presumably his mom.  One of the guys had recently lost some of the fingers on one hand.  I talked with them about the responsibility of pet ownership, and how much time and effort is involved in living with a dog.  They said the dog was only in their house for about a week.  I didn’t ask them why they had directed the little boy to go out late at night and “get rid” of the dog.  They had named the dog “Leatherby”, because his short brown fur reminded them of suede or leather.  I think we ended up adopting Leatherby, because I recall a dream fragment where our kitty was sleeping alongside him.  And I believe that I had also suggested that the boy could visit Leatherby if he wanted to, or at least I intended to suggest that.

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