kittyOne of the perks in seeing the cats at the shelter each week has been a visit with “Kitty”, an older black cat with a funny face and love-bug personality.  This was one of the first cats I’d gotten to know at the shelter, and she was there every week so I had many other opportunities to visit since I started coming in last January.  She’s been adopted, after more than two years waiting for the right person to come along and take her home.  Kitty is about 10 years old, and has definitely had her share of bad times in the past, but the people at the shelter were able to bring her back around to good health and good behavior.  She will be a great friend to her companions in her new home.

The Peninsula Humane Society director Ken White had a blog post last week about the pattern he’s seen of increased pet adoptions on September 11, since 2001.  And Kitty went home on September 11 this year.

And that makes sense to me, that people might seek to help a shelter save another life on such a day. It makes sense to me that they might also plant or garden, cook for people they love, or that those capable of making art are especially creative on such a day. It makes sense to me that we look to be nurturing, loving, creative on this day.

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