If you’re a cat that’s accustomed to snoozing on a soft chair out on the deck for most of your late Sunday afternoon and early evening, a few raindrops can just ruin everything.  All other plants and animals welcomed the light showers, but I know one furry cat that was not pleased.  As the big, widely-spaced raindrops started coming down, one or two actually landed on her giant fur coat, and she started twitching and jumping, like she was being “tazed” or something.  Then she hauled herself out of the chair and skedaddled under the deck to ride it out.  She decided to stay down there while I fired up the grill for our Sunday Night BBQ.  I could sit under the protection of the big pine tree and watch the rain, every once in a while stepping out to attend to the grilling.  The raindrops were causing a lot of tiny steam-clouds on the Weber grill.

Eventually Kitty was lured out from underneath the deck with treats, and then dashed into the house.  She had a rough day; we all woke up at around 4am to one of those lightning strikes that are simultaneous with thunder – a very close bolt of lightning.

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