Fellow passenger and I have been seeing hand grenade window stickers in area vehicles, and wondered, hmm, what do these grenades signify?  They’re typically large stickers, almost always on an SUV or truck window.  Some of the grenades are designed to look like the fingers of a skeleton.  Now you have my interest.  So I checked into this, and it turns out that this is a logo for a snowboarding apparel maker, Grenade Gloves.  The web site offers “enlistment” in their “army”.  And the Facebook page has this bizarre statement about the company:

When you fail to see new possibilities, you have become exactly what THEY want you to be. Humans are not submissive by design. They allow themselves to become that way.

Do they become that way by enlisting in the Grenade Gloves army?  Apparently.  Their soldiers have all placed stickers on their windows in a very consistent manner.

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