In last night’s interview with Rep. Henry Waxman, Jon Stewart appeared fixated on the fact that “the health care bill” was 1200 pages long.  From his viewpoint, it was a huge bill because of all the extra things included at the behest of lobbyists, not because health care and insurance reform is complicated.  I’m not sure how many pages represented the upper limit in his mind, but he seemed to not have patience enough to listen to a few minutes of Congressman Waxman describing just a few of the issues that might extend the text of the bill.  I was reminded of a recent statement by RNC chairman Michael Steele that received a fair amount of ridicule:

STEELE: So if it’s a cost problem, it’s easy: Get the people in a room who have the most and the most direct impact on cost, and do the deal. Do the deal. It’s not that complicated.

If it’s an access question, people don’t have access to health care, then figure out who they are, and give them access! Hello?! Am I missing something here?

What Jon Stewart was saying was eerily similar.  And Stewart had just finished making fun of Senator Grassley’s “Sur Taxalot” story boards – that seems like the kind of simplicity he wants to hear from Congress on this subject.

2 thoughts on “ page turner ”

  1. I know. I called Stewart a bad name after that interview, though he probably didn’t hear me through the TV set. And I said to Mary that I wished Waxman had responded to Stewart’s complaint about sleeping through the few minutes of his explanation of how legislation gets agreed upon by saying something along these lines: earlier generations of Americans have sacrificed years of toil and in some cases their lives to meet the challenges they faced; it should not be too much to ask this generation to pay attention and think critically. The former is your duty, the latter is your birthright.

  2. I also spoke directly to my television during this interview. Jon Stewart still has his moments of brilliance, but lately I’ve seen him be disrespectful to some of his guests – when Kathleen Sibelius was on, he was acting the same way. He’s like a loud, boring drunk guy. Speaking of that – my vacation starts in 45 minutes!

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