ivy’s house

Photo credit: Näystin
Photo credit: Näystin

There’s quite a difference between shopping at the local Home Depot and Orchard Supply Hardware.  OSH is a little smaller, but they’re pretty well stocked on most items.  Sometimes I think they could include more than one tier of products – they’ll usually aim at stocking the most affordable options.  And I wouldn’t mind paying a little more for wood screws that were made of higher quality metal.  But there are many positive attributes, including:

Really good deals on “ironclad” plants.  If you’re getting several 1 gallon containers of a stalwart, regular-joe plant like a sword fern or Nandina, you’ll find them here for about half the cost of Wegman’s.

If you get there early, you might see Ivy, a nice old orange cat that lives in the garden shop.  Ivy has a little house back in a quiet corner – she has a cardboard box with a round hole in the front and some comfy towels inside, and “home sweet home” over the entry.

Easy access, compared to HD.  That place always has lots of day workers in the parking lot, and I’m always worried about running over somebody.  Orchard will probably be even quieter during the Costco renovation – they share the same parking lot.

No loud announcements and forklift beeps, like at the other place.  There are usually quite a few employees around to answer questions, and some of them have been there forever.  Or at least as long as I’ve been going there.  You might want to get there early if you have questions though – once it gets a little busy, the employees start getting stressed out.


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