that was easy

hiwaterThe appraisal is in – and the number looks OK; the loan-to-value ratio is in good shape for our refinance.  I didn’t really think we’d be close to “under water” with our current mortgage, although the values have been sinking fast in our area lately.

In the appraisal notes, the guy noted that we had the kitchen was upgraded, with built-in appliances and a dishwasher.  The only upgrades in the kitchen are the 10-year old tile counter and vinyl floor, and some of it was recently painted.  We were both telling him “there’s no dishwasher!” – I guess he thought we were joking.  The 1952 Wedgewood stove might count as an upgrade, since the house was already 15 years old when it was added.  But where are the built-ins?  Do things that are plugged-in qualify?  The appraiser also noted “wood cabinets” as a feature.  I guess he didn’t feel obliged to note “glass windows”.  Anyway, I guess we don’t need to remodel our kitchen, now that it has been upgraded.

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