our best foot forward

I mentioned earlier that somebody would be coming by to do an appraisal of our house for the refinancing, and that happened last Friday evening.  This was on short-notice; when the guy called me to set up the visit, he was parked across the street.  Fortunately we had the place in decent shape for someone to look over.  I had been working on the Ikea cabinets that afternoon, but stuff was now put away and I’d vacuumed and everything.  The late-afternoon sun was shining and the front yard is in full-on Spring mode.  We were sitting by the living room fire with the wine glasses filled and the music on, and then Steve came in to appraise us.  Kitty was lounging by the fire, but immediately skedaddled into the other room.  I presumed that she’d taken up a position under the bed, but instead she was posing in the sun by the windows.  Just like I’d suggested in my earlier post, this would be seen as an intangible asset of the property, and would result in a top-notch appraisal.  We don’t know what the number is yet, but we’ve made a good showing, whatever it turns out to be.

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