Our first foray into using Ikea cabinets has worked out well.  We have two base cabinets and a wall cabinet in the laundry room now.  Each cabinet frame takes about 30 minutes or so to assemble, and the doors/hinges/handles all go together quickly as well.  The hinges offer lots of adjustments, so you can tweak the door positions quite a bit once the hinges and doors have been attached.  The diagrams that accompany the cabinets and parts are easy to read and understand, once you adjust to relying solely on images.  Only the door handle instructions provided text; it had the spacing between the posts indicated in both inches and centimeters.

Something we’re figuring out on our own is how to use the Ikea store itself.  There are a few key principles emerging: have a printout of your cabinet pieces from the Ikea web site or their 3-D kitchen planner app in hand, arrive at or shortly after the store opens, preferably on a weekday, and use the “shortcuts” on the store’s floor plans to get to the kitchen area, and to get back from there to the checkout/pickup area.  The shortcuts are definitely a time-saver.  Ikea is huge, and filled with distractions that can really slow you down and increase mental fatigue.  You’ll feel like a secret agent or super-human alien as you weave expertly through the store to place your order and check out.  The other shoppers will appear slow-witted, slow-moving – let’s just say it: slow.

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