At the shelter yesterday, I was all set to visit with two cats that shared the same cage.  Usually they’ll keep buddies together – there are quite a few bonded pairs at the shelter right now.  I didn’t know these guys, but I read over their comment sheets and both sounded easy-going and friendly, so I thought I’d take them both out for a visit together.  The first guy was the little black cat – he hopped off his high shelf right away and indeed was easy to handle.  Really friendly!  The other guy was asleep – he’s a brown tabby – he did look up at me when the first guy left the cage, and so I thought he’d probably like to go out also.  But he started growling.  And the little guy I was holding began complaining and biting me a little bit.  So I thought – maybe he’s upset because his buddy is being taken out, and he thinks he won’t be going also.  To get both of them in carrying boxes, I had to put the first guy back in the cage.  He went in, but the two of them started hissing and batting at each other.  This wasn’t going well at all.  I took another look at the older comment sheets, and then noticed people saying “they don’t get along”, “hissed at each other”, etc.  Since I’d stirred up trouble between them, I ended up not taking either of them out.  Sorry guys!

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